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Featured Articles

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

 The Challenge of Forgiveness
There can be no compromise when it comes to the message of Christ. If we buy into it only half-heartedly, we will ultimately lose it. If we pick and choose who we will forgive - and how often - we end up betraying the entire message of the Gospel. If we are faithful only when it is easy to be, we run the risk of denying Him under pressure. With Jesus, it's all or nothing - His invitation to follow Him is one that requires both courage and generosity.  It requires the ability to accept forgiveness, and to give absolution.

International Priests Statistics

Get the facts on what is happening globally to the number of priests, parishes, deacons, lay ministers, etc.

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Dreams Change, But They Should Never Die

Hank Mattimore 347776

Dreams Change, But They Should Never Die

by Hank Mattimore

Many moons ago, when I was a young man studying to be a priest, my dreams were as big as the highest mountain, as deep as the oceans. In my youthful zeal, I was ready to bring the word of God to all nations.

When I was finally ordained a priest and assigned to our mission in Japan, I recall flying over Tokyo, Seeing the bright lights of the city down below I thought to myself how privileged I was to be chosen to bring Christianity to this heretofore "pagan nation."

A half century later, I find it difficult to relate to the vision of this young man, burning with Christian zeal who dreamt of converting this nation of well over a million people to my religious beliefs. I have long since discovered that showing love and respect to others as they are is ultimately wiser and more effective than trying to convert them.

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The latest statistics on the US priest's shortage 1976-2016


Ding Dong Dantes Priest Vest

The latest statistics on the US priest's shortage

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