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Biographical Statements:
Nick De Los Reyes was ordained for the Oblates of Mary Immaculate in 1973 and later married. He and Mary were blessed with six children, who have blessed their parents with six grandchildren (so far). Nick served two terms on the CORPUS board and during this past year served as chair of the Planning Committee. He is inspired by Vatican II and for many decades has been nurtured by its spirit that lives on in CORPUS.

Linda Pinto, a former Franciscan nun, married Ralph, a priest of the Diocese of Newark, New Jersey, in 1975. Shortly thereafter, they found CORPUS. In 1989, Linda was one of the first women appointed to the newly formed Board. She consequently served as CORPUS Member Services for ten years. Eventually, she was elected to the Board and represented CORPUS in Catholic Organizations for Renewal. In 2011, she and Ralph Co-Edited CORPUS REPORTS until December 2016.

Vision Statement:
From its humble beginnings, the essence and energy of CORPUS celebrate three fundamental principles: the primacy of conscience; the sanctity of sexuality; and the full equality of women.

It was our conscience that echoed marriage is compatible with ordained priesthood. Despite the price, we heeded the call to marriage as “good, right and holy.”

It was the sanctity of sexuality that invited us to seek intimacy and to be fully enveloped in the joy and triumph of a committed relationship. This call brings us passion and purpose.

It was the full equality of women which continues to drive our energies for reform and renewal. It was, in fact, the church’s refusal to accept and respect our wives as (w)holy human and deserving of full participation in the life of the church which coalesced CORPUS into a movement.

Now, more than ever, CORPUS’ voice needs to be heard. Our long history of dedication to the reforms of Vatican II, our persistent efforts to enter into dialogue with church hierarchy, our evolving approach to theology and spirituality, but, most importantly, our presence is vital. The gospel demands this!

As elders, we bring a vital perspective and a rich collection of memories. CORPUS’ voice needs to blend harmoniously with other progressive reform organizations to echo authentic catholic teaching.

To that end, we recommend:
1. A renewed and vigorous participation in reform organizations, especially COR (Catholic Organizations for Renewal), the International Federation for a Renewed Catholic Ministry and the Progressive Catholic Coalition:

When CORPUS began in the early 1970’s there were only a few organizations formed to address specific issues (i.e., lay involvement in decision-making, the reform of priesthood to include all those called, an expanded sense of ministry and homosexual rights). In the early 1990’s, a collaboration was formed to gather our various energies and drive a Vatican II agenda harmoniously. Currently, the organizations in COR develop campaigns, stage prayerful demonstrations, strategically engage the People of God and come together in solidarity to be a faithful witness to the gospel of love. CORPUS needs to lend its wisdom and strength to this noble effort. In the same vein, we should continue our collaboration with International Federation for a Renewed Catholic Ministry, the Progressive Catholic Coalition and other organizations who mirror the CORPUS mission/vision.

2. Documenting a historical perspective of our contribution:
We will seek a committee of members whose recollections will serve as a memorial to our contribution to church history. This could be in the form of a book, e-book, documentary, or video. After a period of time, these perspectives will be gathered into a document for distribution.

3. Vigorous personal outreach to current members:
CORPUS REPORTS, e-corpus, our website and Constant Contact have succeeded in informing members to current church issues. We propose to seek a committee of individuals to personally connect with each and every member. This will serve to strengthen our bonds and give collective voice to our message and mission. We additionally propose a quarterly report be mailed to members updating them as to CORPUS activities.

4. Develop a series of conversations:
This is done successfully by other reform organizations. Computer programs, such as zoom, could be utilized. Members will be invited to “call in” to a short presentation followed by discussion. We could also partner with those organizations who currently schedule educational/spiritual lectures/conversations.

5. Encourage Small Faith Communities:
CORPUS can act as a resource for members to develop and nurture small faith communities. This can be done in tandem with the Federation of Christian Ministries, Roman Catholic Womenpriests, Call to Action and the Ecumenical Catholic Communion. Regionally and locally, CORPUS members are encouraged to invite interested parties to gather, discuss and celebrate. The CORPUS Directory should be updated to assist with this initiative.

6. Structural Update:
A committee of members would be formed to update our Constitution and By-laws to better reflect the current culture of CORPUS.

If you place your trust in our leadership, we invite you to join vigorously in our efforts.

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