Ahearn, William

Reading MA, November 9, 2000

Bill was a long time supporter of CORPUS and the married priest movement in the Boston area.  He is survived by his wife, Helen, daughter Kathryn and son Christopher.  Bill was ordained for Marynoll Fathers in 1950 and left the canonical priesthood in 1970.  

Bill was employed by the Malden Public Schools as a School Psychologist.  He  remained close to the Marynoll Fathers through his brother Tom, a Marynoll priest and  shared friendship and spirit  with the many married Marynoll priests who live on the North Shore. This faithful father, husband, married priest and friend will be  missed by all who knew him. Our prayers are extended to Helen, Kathryn and Christopher.

Eulogy to William V. Ahearn by Christopher M. Ahearn (son)

I've set my sail high, my captain.
Today the wild zephyr blows.
Cast off with me once more
We'll sail past the channel-light
Where the wild waters roar.

My son, I can no more.
The waters roar but also whisper
That I must go alone.

And so my captain left,
Set sail for parts unknown,
His lonely ship passed o'er the crest
Of windward waves was blown.

I knew that as the mast
Crossed past the broad horizon
That he had seen the last
Of shore, this Earth, and home.

Night's curtain fell upon the void
Brought only echoes of empty pain
And there appeared a sole bright star
Whose steady arc traced slowly through the sky.

And now I fear no more
To venture past my quiet shore,
For as day falls to night,
With this guiding light,
I keep a steady course
On this and every voyage, as on my last.