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Janicke, Alfred

milwaukee10 August 1935-31 March 1992

Funeral services for Alfred Janicke, 56, took place April 3, 1992 at the Church of St Paul in Ham Lake with Rev. Tim Nolan officiating.

Janicke died March 31, 1992 at Health One Mercy Hospital. He was born 10 August 1935 in Minneapolis to Alfred S. and Ann (Maslowski) Janicke.

He is survived by his wife Janet, daughters Lisa, Jena, Angelia, Sarah, Rebecca and Deborah, all of Andover; mother, Ann Janicke of New Hope; sister and brother-in-law, Dolores and Frank Genosky of Blaine; and many nieces and nephews.

Pallbearers were Charles and David Willette, Paul and mark Genosky, and Richard and Robert Ekstrand,

Interment was at Gethsemane Cemetery in New Hope. r wee made with Gearhart Funeral Home, Coon Rapids Chapel.

Note added: Al Janicke was a priest of the Diocese of St Paul and Minneapolis and was well known as a conscientious protester against the Vietnam War. He was one of the Milwaukee 14. See article.

Alfred Janicke, 1968 and Today RIP

1968: From the Milwaukee 14 Statement at the time of the action

Fr. Alfred Janicke, 33, parish priest of the Archdiocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis, is a member of the Social Action Committee of the Presbytery and represents the Archdiocese in the Minneapolis Urban Coalition. He has served as counselor in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Reflection of Al Janicke

Here is what I remember of Al Janicki after the action. When he left jail, in the spring of 1970, he and Jan came to live with me, Len and Mary Cors. I witnessed his marriage to Jan that same evening. Their plan was to stay in Milwaukee but then he got word that his friends in Minneapolis were quite upset with that decision and went overboard making him and Jan feel welcome back into the Catholic community they came out of. Sadly, we bade them good bye.

Al was earning his keep by counseling and continued that. They purchased farmland near Anoka and they had (I believe) seven daughters (all beautiful of course). Farming became their art and source of income. It was a fabulous small farm as I remember it; with goats, chickens, and probably pigs, cats, dogs. Al died suddenly of heart failure not long before the 25th anniversary party that we held for them here. The 25th M14 anniversary party took a collection for Jan and the family and I had the honor of carrying it to them at Thanksgiving that year.

— Bill Sell