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Moore, Allen

Image from 17. Our Newest Patron Saint page 1November 14, 2022

It is with a profound sense of gratitude, as well as loss, that we lift up Allen Moore, who entered eternal sainthood on November 14, 2022. Allen has been with CORPUS since its early days, locally in the Seattle area and nationally in Board leadership.

Apart from his wisdom and vision, Allen (and Sylvia) also coordinated over a decade of national gatherings. These events were always seen as the heart and soul of CORPUS.

Allen was ordained for the Vincentians in 1962. He later attained three masters and a PhD. His ministry includes: Dean of Students in seminary in Los Angelos; Superior in a high school seminary in Tucson, AZ. Allen resigned active canonical ministry and married in 1976. This December would have been their 46th anniversary.

Allen was a detail person, always planning, looking for ways to have the family see and do new things. Bike hikes, canoe trips, travel in Europe, travels to Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica, Austria to name a few.

CORPUS was the spark that got us involved in finding a way to use his ministry and priesthood. He did weddings, funerals, baptisms., counseling, taught at Antioch University. He started giving homilies once a month at his local church for a number of years. he was good at seeking speakers and locations for conferences. Along with other married priest couples in Seattle, he began gathering as small faith communities.

They were blessed with one son, Sean but were introduced to another married priest couple here in Seattle who adopted children from Romania.

They were impressed with their experiences and inquired about the agency. Before they knew it, Martin joined their family at age eight.

After retirement they built a home in Sedona, AZ and enjoyed hosting guests there. In the last 5 years they moved back in Federal Way to be near children and grand children.

Sylvia notes: “We were able to surround Allen with the people and things he loved right up to the end.”


Slyvia Moore writes:

The Moore family is sad to announce the passing of George Allen Moore on the evening of November 14, 2022.  He passed in his sleep, peacefully and without pain.  This December would have marked his 87th birthday and 46 years of marriage.
Over the last few years, Allen frequently asked to "go"home."  He was often unclear whether that meant Springfield where he was born, Perryville where he was in seminary with Vincentians, Tucson or Seattle where he raised his family or Sedona where he retired.  We began to believe that for him, home referred to a place of comfort and clarity.  Though sadden by our loss, we are grateful he has escaped the weight of Parkinson's disease and can rejoice with him as he finally arrived home.
A celebration of life will be planned near future.  Allen is survived by his Sylvia, sons Sean and Martin, daughters-in law Jen and Sarah, grandchildren Milo, Rowan and Judah and Sister Rosemary Moore Austin who will all miss presence greatly.  We are very thankful for friends, colleagues, extended family, health care professionals-especially his caregiver Lilibeth Padilla who was by his side for last 5 years, the Parkinson's support group and CORPUS community for ongoing support and prayers.


Sylvia Moore
36317 24th Place S
Federal Way, WA 98003