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Fellows, James

September 10, 1991
Oklahoma City, OK
James Leon Fellows was the oldest son of Leon Stanley Fellows and Mary Elizabeth Crocker. James was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan on October 14, 1933.

After his family moved to Ludington, James attended school at St. Simon. James attended St. Joseph seminary in Grand Rapids[1] from September 2, 1947 through June 10, 1953.[2]

From September 1953 through June 1956, James studied at Catholic university in Washington, D.C. James earned a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy and a Masters in philosophy from Catholic University.

James attended St. Jon’s seminary in Plymouth from September 1956 through June 1960 and graduated with a bachelor of sacred theology (S.T.B.).

Bishop Allen J. Babcock ordained James on June 4, 1960 at St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

James obtained a Licentiate of Canon Law (J.C.L.) in September 1965 from Lateran University in Rome.

James served the Grand Rapids Diocese for more than twenty years in a variety of capacities. James served as assistant at St. Andrew in Grand Rapids (June 1960), as an assistant at Holy Trinity in Comstock Park (September 1964), as an assistant at St. Stephen in East Grand Rapids (July 1967), as Pastor of St. Francis Xavier in Conklin (October 1968), as Rector of St. Andrew (February 1972), as diocese administrator from June 1972 to August 1975, as pastor of Holy Family in Caledonia (November 1975), and as pastor of Holy Trinity in Comstock Park (May 1977). James also served as the Diocesan Chaplain for the Knights of Columbus (June 1971 to February 1984) and the executive assistant to the Bishop (May 1977 to October 1980).

In February 1984, James resigned his pastorate; and, after struggling with his commitment to the ministry, James resigned as a priest in December 1985.

On February 14, 1986, James married Linda Shead of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. James did not have children with Linda. He died suddenly of a heart attack on September 10, 1991 in Oklahoma City. James’ obituary read:
Jim Fellows loved the theater, opera, sports, and music. His second career centered around teaching. His death came during his fourth year teaching Latin and English at Putnam City High School. He died while mowing his lawn. He was survived by his wife and two stepdaughters, Elizabeth Walker and LeAnn Dufford of Oklahoma City. His funeral was held at St. Charles Borromeo, Oklahoma City, OK, September 13, 1991. Arrangements by Smith & Kernke Funeral Home.