The main meat and potatoes of the Jump Manual is in Chapter 8 where you will get a detailed workout plan of what you should do each day in order to improve your vertical. Obviously Jacob Hiller goes through your main vertical jump workout days but also has specific exercises for you to do on your off days to see increased gains. These exercises are to help you increase performance for the different sports that people play.

Corpus - A Renewed Community of Faith:


elcome to the CORPUS online community.

CORPUS is a faith community affirming an inclusive priesthood rooted in a  reformed and renewed Church.

CORPUS, celebrating forty-two years of service to the people of God, is one of the oldest reform groups in the Catholic Church, and is active in reform movements both in the U.S. and abroad. We are committed to working for a renewed priesthood of married and single men and women dedicated to serving God through the Community of Believers.

The World and Church We Live In 

 (by Anthony Padovano)
We cannot get a sense of this contemporary moment in history unless we understand why religion and belonging are changing so radically. There are benefits and liabilities. If we put all this in place, we can conjecture where the future will lead us.
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Corpus Beginnings

 (To everything there is a season and time to every purpose under heaven…..)
CORPUS began the way all great change agents begin…..the Margaret Mead Way. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.
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 Featured Articles, Reflections and Essays
 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time
 Three Invitations
The truth is, God has called each of us. Maybe we didn’t hear his voice as did Isaiah, or experience some life-changing conversion like Paul, or witness a miraculous sign like the first apostles, but in reality neither do most other people. Sometimes we don’t remember or don’t even recognize God’s invitation.  In a culture that is increasingly more fragmented and torn apart, giving ourselves over into His hands, learning to follow Christ, to find God in our daily lives and to truly live the life of discipleship is no easy feat.
by Joe Cece

 A Thing Called Hope

Hank Mattimore

There are two ways of looking at this past year. A year of wars and terrorist attacks and a growing economic equality in our country between rich and poor. Or we can it in terms of the many individuals who acted in an effective way to make our world a better place. Call me a cockeyed optimist but I am opting for hope.

by Hank Mattimore

 Recommended Resources and Web Links
 3 minute retreat
Take a short prayer break right at your computer. Spend some quiet time reflecting on a Scripture passage. Knowing that not everyone prays at the same pace, you have control over the pace of the retreat

 Praying Lent 2016
Lent offers us all a very special opportunity to grow in our relationship with God and to deepen our commitment to a way of life, rooted in our baptism.  In our busy world, Lent provides us with an opportunity to reflect upon our patterns, to pray more deeply, experience sorrow for what we've done and failed to do, and to be generous to those in need.  Collaborative Ministries offers resources here to assist our entry into this wonderful season, from our preparing to begin Lent to our preparing to celebrate the holy three days following Lent.

 Read Pope Francis' Encyclical "Laudato Si" on the Envionment

The Pope addresses the very important issues of the environment and man's responsibilities to the earth and one another.

 Spirituality and Practice
After more than 50 years of life in a monastery, Sister Joan Chittister asked herself some questions. What — if anything — of monastic life is worth passing on to others in our time? What does monasticism offer seekers who are already overwhelmed by all the spiritual and secular options available to them? And how can those outside traditional monasteries embrace this life that is both enriching and enlightening?

 Alerts & Special Announcements
28th CORPUS National Conference will be held September 23-25, 2016 at the Claggett Retreat Center, Adamstown, Maryland.  Theme will be, It’s About Time: Beyond Compassion to Action.

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