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Di Benedetto, Romeo

romeo1Dr. Roméo R. Di Benedetto died Wednesday, May 24, 2006 after a long battle with illness.  His strong will to live, his optimism and his irrepressible sense of humor were a delight and inspiration to all who knew him.

He was born on September 17, 1939 in Belleville, NJ to the late Marco and Rachele Di Benedetto as the youngest of five children.  He was ordained a Catholic priest on May 29, 1965 and served in both the Newark, NJ and Albuquerque, NM archdioceses.  He later married Victoria Kingston, a former Catholic nun in 1970.  They had two daughters, Rainbow Dawn and Christa Joy and moved to El Paso, Texas in 1973.  He taught Sociology at El Paso Community College for 30 years while continuing his spiritual ministry in various ways.  In 1986, he was proud to earn his Doctorate of Education from New Mexico State University.  He also held baccalaureate degrees in Classical Languages and Theology, a Master of Arts in Sociology and a Master of Divinity in Pastoral Ministry.  He was a certified Advanced Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a registered hypnotherapist.  He created and hosted the Emerging Renaissance television series, devoted to exploring alternative approaches to spirituality, health and metaphysics.  The series has aired in 15 states and 5 other countries over more than a decade.  In 2002, due to serious health issues, he and Victoria retired to Pflugerville, TX to be closer to family.

romeo2He is remembered by friends and family as someone with a wide-open heart, a generous spirit and an ever-present smile.  Through the most difficult circumstances, he always lifted the spirits of those around him through his unwavering faith and good humor.  He was a true scholar and an eternal teacher with wisdom to share.  He had an unflagging thirst for knowledge, especially in the areas of theology, spirituality, history and classical languages.  His devotion to family and friends was unparalleled. He always enjoyed the simple moments in life; good food, beautiful music and time spent with loved ones.  He loved the ocean and the mountains and after years in the desert found much enjoyment in the greenery and rain of central Texas.  He was also thrilled with the announcement of a first grandchild expected in November.

Roméo is survived by his wife, Victoria, his two daughters, Rainbow Dawn and Christa Joy, his son-in-law, Raj Singh and his four sisters, Yolanda Neely, Venice Palma, Carmela Grieco and Mary Veniero.
St Paul tells us that vain is our faith if Jesus be not risen. Likewise, vain is our faith and all the efforts of our spiritual life if we do not ultimately achieve our own personal resurrection and ascension. The primary uniqueness of the example and teachings of the Master of Galilee is to lead us to the point where, like he, we, too, shall resurrect our humanity and irrevocably ascend to our God...Puccini's "Nessum Norma" (Nobody Sleeps") touchingly expresses, I believe one of the most important qualities that we frail humans need as we travail along our rainbow odyssey--a sense of unabashed self-confidence ever-renewed! This powerful and inspiring aria has become my regular companion as a prayerful refrain often arising spontaneously in my consciousness: All alba Vincero! Vincero! Vincero! At dawn, I shall win! I shall win! I shall win!

' I and my Father are becoming one in the consciousness and manifestation of the Ascension. Amen! Amen! Amen! Oh Precious I AM! Oh Precious I AM! oh Precious I AM!

' Romeo Di Benedetto