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Minor, Joseph Francis

minorAugust 31, 2017

Joseph Francis Minor was born Jan. 17, 1930, in Toronto, Ohio. He passed away Thursday, Aug. 31, 2017. A resident of Largo, Joe was the last of eight children born to Howard W. and Margaret M. Miner. His life was a witness and a legacy to his devotion to God, country, and humanity. In 1947, after graduating from St. Mary's HS in Columbus, Ohio, he entered the Catholic Oblates of Mary Immaculate Seminary and was ordained a Catholic Priest in Washington DC. After a brief period of time serving as a Chaplain in the Ohio Prison System, and the Indiana Veteran's Hospital, he volunteered to serve in the Brazilian missions. After serving as a Missionary in the interior of Brazil, he was selected to be the Superior of the Mission's Central House with increased responsibilities. He directed a large part of the "Caritas" program, which was sponsored by the US government's "Food for Peace" program. During this time, he was also instrumental in the development of church and school construction, founding a national trucking company to distribute US food donations over a large part of Brazil, the founding of a food processing factory for the poor, as well as building vocational schools and health clinics. After serving his Church for 20 years, Father Miner retired from the active ministry in 1968, and returned to the United States. He then worked for the US government in Washington, DC, working for the US Export-Import Bank as the Chief of the Management Information System, and as Special Assistant Senior Vice-President. After many awards and promotions, he finished his government career on Special Assignment to the President, completing his government service in 1975. After a brief leave of absence, Mr. Miner became a partner in First Washington Associates, responsible for developing export-import organizations for lesser-developed countries around the world. Mr. Miner also served as Executive Vice-President of Marinas International, Floating Fisheries International, and Sunrite Solar, Inc. He also served on the Board of Directors for various corporations. International Cremation Society of New Port Richey is in charge of his arrangements. No funeral services are planned.